Sexual Addiction

excessive sexual thoughts, desires, urges or behaviors that can’t be controlled and cause distress and harm to your relationships, finances and other aspects of your life. Sexual addiction is also called hypersexuality, compulsive sexual behavior and other names.

Sexual Addiction Assessment

The first session involves an assessment to determine if an addiction is present and the level of severity.

Structured & Proven Treatment

Addiction treatment is structured and systematic. Practices that have worked for thusands of people like you.

Daily Check-Ins

Once you establish recovery and define your recovery zone via a Personal Craziness Index (PCI) Daily check-ins are available to keep you moving forward.

Betrayal Recovery

You addiction has probably damaged your relationship with your partner, I can help guide your recovery to regain trust.

What is Pornography Addiction?

3 Ways Pornography Addiction Rewires The Brain

Alex Lerza, LMFT
How to rewire your brain?

Our Brain's wire around early sexual experiences.We can rewire them, but it takes time and effort.

Recovery starts here

“Abandonment is at the core of addictions. Abandonment causes deep shame. Abandonment by betrayal is worse than mindless neglect."

Patrick J. Carnes
Journey through the first 7 steps

Tasks of Sexual Addiction Recovery


Break Through Denial

To recognize self delusion, you must make a full disclosure to therapist all forms of sexual acting out. Complete a list of examples of powerlessness and unmanageability. Address thinking errors.


Understand the nature of the illness

You will develop your knowledge of addiction and recovery by reading at least one book on sexual addiction/anorexia. Complete the First Step. Complete a Sexual History. Complete a Consequences Inventory.


Surrender to the process

You must know your personal limits by completing a Second Step and Third Step.


Admit damage from behavior

You must be an expert in self care, crisis avoidance and crisis management by writing a Damage Control Plan and implement it.


Establish sobriety

You will learn to manage life without dysfunctional sexual behavior. This involves writing a Sobriety Statement. Completing a Celibacy Contract of eight weeks or more. Writing a Relapse Prevention Plan. Completing Fantasy Contamination Exercise


Ensure physical health/integrity

You must be an expert in physical self care. Complete a physical exam.


Participate in a culture of support

You must build a functional health support system. This involves attending Twelve Step sex addiction meetings regularly. Attend other Twelve Step meetings as appropriate.